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Pending submissions? I thought the whole point with kinja was MORE interaction with the readers.

This whole thing with pending submissions and such has me somewhat stymied, when the last version of kinja got forced on us (the readers/commenters) we were led to believe that it would be easier for us to interact with jalopnik and it's writers.. The thing is, I can't see it working in such a manner, whenever I make a comment on something on jalopnik it'll just sit there, waiting for someone to approve of what I wrote. I can see the logic behind such process if my account happened to be a "burner", but it isn't.. my account here is directly linked to my personal Twitter account, my username here is a slight alteration of my REAL name (the reason being it's easier for you non-norwegians to read it this way) I know that my grasp of the Queens English can be somewhat dodgy at times, but I still can't see why everything I say needs to be approved by one of your editors (if it'll get approved at all) before launching it to the public.

Why am I writing this as a blog entry? The answer is quite simple, I could not for the love of me find a place to submit questions about kinja... I'll hazard a guess and say that deep in this whole confuddling mess kinja has become there's an answer, I just can't find it.

Will anyone ever read this? I guess not.. I'm just somewhat befuddled and slightly angry about the whole thing..


I'll add tags to this... but I'm not even sure how to do that, since I can't find any information on HOW to do it..

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