The disturbed viking, lover of Gilbern, Lada and Tatra.

Metal from places you would not expect, in this case Botswana.

I'm a HUGE fan of music; Punk, Jazz Fusion, Classical, Old shcool Hip Hop, Rock n' Roll, Gabber, Terrorcore and all that.. but what I love most is Metal, preferably Thrash, Death, Prog and Black or a fusion of them all.

I'm always looking for new music, bands I've never heard of before, and once in a while I stumble across something I'd never thought I'd find, Like the other day when I stumbled upon something different. Link to article on Vice.

In this case it was Metal from Botswana, apparently there is quite a few Metal bands from there. And I'm not talking about generic Radio Metal or Stadium Metal, oh no Sir, we are talking about Death Metal and PROPER Heavy Metal.


These guys not only play awesome Metal, they also dress like a combination of Lemmy and a Bad ass cowboy, and i fucking LOVE IT.

So you like Death Metal? You want to hear some Death Metal from Botswana?

Not quite your thing? How about some Iron Maidenesque Heavy Rock then?

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