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A Ghost from the past? Or a modern day revival of Hawkwind.

I've been quite a fan of the mysterious band Ghost (Ghost B.C in some countries) for a while.

So who/what are Ghost then you say? Well, truth be told, not much is known about them, we do however know that the band now consists of Papa Emeritus II and The Nameless Ghouls. Papa Emeritus II replaced Papa Emeritus late in 2012, but rumour has it that both Papas are indeed the same person (some discrepancy occurs here as both Papas could be witnessed on stage at the same time in dec 2012) and that person, if one should believe the rumours is Tobias Forge aka Mary Goore (Vocals in Repugnant and guitarist for Crashdïet).


Anywho, that was a whole lot of ado about nothing... Ghost is a band (Or a supergroup perhaps) from Sweden, they play Doom influenced metal/rock. And when I say metal/rock I'm not talking about Metallica or Testament. Nope, I'm talking about Blue Oyster Cult, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and bands like that. Ghost is pretty much what Hawkwind would have been to day perhaps, Groovy and slugdelike metal/rock with heavy satanic influences.

If you've read this all the way through... I'm guessing you'd like to hear something they've made.. SO without further ado, I give you... GHOST

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